Hibernian's best signing of the season is the key to success!

Hibs most important signing of the season has catapulted us up the league in the past month.

Yannick Zambernardi
Worth 38 points on scrabble!
Who am I talking about? On loan defender Craig James? Big Mixu? Or maybe the excellent Yannick Zambernardi? Nope, it’s none of these, although the man with the perfect name for a game of hangman comes pretty close. It’s that old mare, Lady Luck!

It’s fair to say the she hasn’t been plying her trade in a Hibs shirt too often over the past couple of years, preferring nearly every team we played sometimes! But LL’s been making a few appearances for the cabbage lately, and it’s not before time.

Every single team needs luck at one stage or another. How many times have you come away from matches and thought: “Those lucky *&#@£$!! How did they manage to steal the points?” Probably many of us were thinking that Thursday just past against Rangers. But in the same vein, I have no doubt that Aberdeen and Partick Thistle fans were thinking something similar in our recent encounters.

It’s great to be winning again. It’s even better when we play a team off the park and win. But I’ll also gladly take the games where we’ve rode our luck as well. As you all know, we’ve had plenty games where the breaks have gone against us. Like I said before, Aberdeen fans would have thought we mugged ‘em on Sunday, and I suppose we did, but missing a few chances at home is nothing compared to losing a goal to go behind in the seventh minute of stoppage time. What goes around comes around!

I heard one Dons fan saying that we were lucky that their forwards are so bad, and if they had a decent striker they would have gubbed us because they made so many chances. Maybe so, someone replied to that by saying that chances don’t win games, goals do. Proof of that is in the aforementioned cup tie versus Rangers. If it came down to chances we would still be in the League Cup right now.

But it’s obviously not ALL down to luck. People say you make your own luck, and in my view you need to put the hard work in to earn that luck, and the side has been grafting a hell of a lot recently. We have only let in 2 goals in the league since we were humped 4-1 by Dunfermline – 6 games in total, and one of those was against Celtic at Parkhead. Incidentally, that game against the champions is the only game this season in which we have failed to score, another impressive stat I think.

5 league wins in a row mean we’re ready to push for the best of the rest, just sitting behind the Pars, and we have Hearts on Sunday. That 5-1 scoreline is still smarting, and I want revenge! Hearts fans have been saying that it makes up for the 6-2 game, but I don’t think so. They were lucky to score the 5 against us, and there’s no way our defence will ever be that bad again. In the 6-2 match however, it could have been 10, but Niemi was in top form. Good ‘keeper that Niemi, got to say I like him!

Lady Luck will probably play a part at some stage on Sunday, and I hope she continues to wear the famous green and white. Hearts have got this one coming!