Hibs defender Shelton Martis to return to Darlington?????

Last updated : 01 May 2007 By Steve Forbes

Rumours on a Darlington fan site today seem to be pointing towards a return to the club for Hibs centre half Shelton Martis.

Martis, 25, arrived at Hibs on a free transfer from the Quakers under freedom of contract and started well, but big
Shelton has faded badly and has struggled to get back into the side with the current form of his replacement Chris Hogg.

Martis seemed to have a crisis of confidence after scoring three own goals in a matter of weeks and is now struggling with the step up to the SPL.

The big centre half, from the Dutch Antilles, is apparently trying to engineer himself a move back to
Darlington according to a "source" close to both Hibs and Shelton. The source had this to say:

"The move is a possibility. There are problems at Hibs and I understand that Martis is considering trying to return to
Darlington. The fee could be the stumbling block, because he is under contract."

Shelton one of the alleged "rebels"????

Shelton does go back he will head South with a winners medal in his pocket, not a bad return for one season in Scotland!!!!

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