Raja Casablanca Fail In Bid To Ban Hibs Winger Merouane Zemmama!

According to today's Edinburgh Evening News, Hibs wizard winger Merouane Zemmama's ex club Raja Casablanca have failed in a bid to have the players FIFA clearance suspended.

Hibs signed Zemmama on a 5-year-deal after the player impressed during a trial at Easter Road.

Hibs received the relevant clearance paperwork from FIFA, The Moroccan FA and the SFA to play the player.

Casablanca then claimed that Zemmama had signed a new 3-year-deal with them and that Hibs owed them a fee.

Raja then claimed Hibs had received the paperwork from
Morocco illegally and from a Casablanca internet cafe, FIFA reviewed the paperwork TWICE and and declared them to be in order.

Zemmama has also totally denied the claims he had signed a contract with Raja.

It now seems Raja tried to have the players clearance suspended, to stop him playing for Hibs and also lodged a claim of breach of contract against the player AND Hibs.

FIFA have given Hibs permission to keep playing the player while they review Raja's claims.

For anything to happen Raja would have to produce the contract that Zemmama signed that they have so far failed to produce, despite continual requests from Hibs for proof.

Hibs are also worried that Zemmama may become a target in his homeland, after it was claimed he sneaked out of
Morocco at Marrakech airport, rather than from Casablanca. This of course is rubbish as the player caught a direct flight from Casablanca to Edinburgh.

Then last week Raja claimed Hibs had sent a letter of apology and had offered them £200,000 for the player.

A FIFA spokesman said:

"On one hand, Raja Casablanca claims compensation for breach of contract. This procedure is currently pending with the relevant deciding organism, in that case the Dispute Resolution Chamber."

"Regarding this second claim, the single judge of the Players' Status Committee has decided that the registration of the player should not be suspended while the procedure regarding a possible breach of contract continues."

This one isn't going away.