'CinderFella' by James Edward

Last updated : 20 December 2004 By James Edward
by James Edward

Pieman ...Himself
evil wizard ...Wayne-Foster
henchmen...numeric and Smeltic
young handsome prince ...Steve1875
The Big Bad Wolf...Rambo Jambo
ugly sisters ...Brian Hine and Gadgey55
Childcatcher..Peter Grant
coachmen ...godflesh and I/J
woodsman/hunter ...James
the good fairy ...Uncle Al
Written and Directed and Produced by
'The Lochend Bouncin Company'
James Edward

Once upon a time there was a place called Tyneyland which was ruled by a
wicked despot the Pieman and his evil wizard, they knew that many of his subjects went to Tyneyland every fortnight to pay their tithes and taxes
This money was used to strengthen Tyneyland into a great fortress and military power. No-one could enter into Tyneyland without permission from the Pieman
One day the Pieman decided to attack the neighbouring land (Hibbyland) so in collusion with the wizard and his henchmen they made a grand plan to do some nasty work on Hibbyland which was ruled by a young handsome prince and his boyfriend CinderFella.
The Wizard contacted his (Loyal) friend and allies 'The Big Bad Wolf' and told him about their evil plan to visit Easter Palace in Hibbyland on the 2nd of January.

CinderFella had two ugly stepsisters (and I'm no jokin they was fekkin ugly).
These two ugly crones wanted the prince for themselves so that they would
not have to deliver the post any more and live a life of luxury, so in connivance with the Pieman and the Wizards henchmen they decided to get rid of CinderFella.

The Pieman also enlisted the help of a poor twisted hunchback called Peter the Childcatcher who was told to kidnap and bring all the young Hibee children into Tyneyland, brainwash them and turn them into Jambos.
Unknown to everyone the BB Wolf hated the chidcatcher, who was always a screaming and a shouting nonsense and a more nonsense.

Now the diabolical plan was concocted, the two ugly sisters would let the wolf into the Famous Five End to do the nasty work on CinderFella while the Childcatcher went around, rounding young Hibby children up. The wolf gave Peter the Childcatcher a ticket for the West Stand where one of the ugly sisters lived, knowing full well this would be the end of the Childcatcher, and he would never hear the word nonsense again.

So on the second of January CinderFella went with his free ticket, otherwise he would not have gone into Easter Palace. Leaving Leith with his two coachmen entered the Famous Five End.
CinderFella entered through the gate. The Pieman and the wizards henchmen was waiting for the trap to fall into place, the BB Wolf was a ready and waiting for CinderFella, meanwhile the two ugly sisters decided they would sooner go off with the wizards henchmen because they was better looking than the Prince.
They told the evil plan to a woodsman that lived in Lochend, who left all his sheep and rushed off to the Famous Five End to try and save CinderFella.
Now in the Famous Five End, instead of meeting CinderFella the BB Wolf met the woodsman/hunter.

The BB Wolf snarled, "Square corners all round and No Surrender", then the crafty woodsman shot the Wolf and sent him to Jambo heaven.
All's well that ends well because of the good fairy Al, who cast a spell on the Wizard which left him powerless, the Pieman fled Tyneyland the Wizard ran away to Follow Follow another path.

The two ugly sisters married the henchmen, the prince married his boyfriend CinderFella with the woodsman being best man at the wedding, the evil Peter the Childcatcher was locked away in a padded cell where he was shouting and screaming nonsense and more nonsense for the rest of his life.
This all came about because the good fairy Al likes happy endings.

Merry Christmas Everyone.
James the Hibby

Merry Christmas