Help a Hibby fight a brain tumour

This one is close to our hearts here at Hibs-Mad Towers.

We have been hit with the news that a long-term poster and former member of the admin team, has been told he has a brain tumour.

Recently, Keith, who lives in the U.S.A, went for a routine MRI after complaining of hearing loss to an ENT doctor.  He was informed afterwards that he has a large brain tumour and that it requires a 16-hour operation for removal. 

Thankfully, the tumour is benign.  

However, this was unexpected and the timing is difficult, as he and his wife Natalya already have their hands full with a special needs daughter and a newborn son.  
Adding to this, Keith will need to take time off of work and it will be a long road to recovery.

If you can, everyone at Hibs-Mad would be grateful of donations to his go fund me page, to help with the huge medical bills involved.

Even the smallest donation would help.

If you can, then please donate at the following link.


Thanks for reading fellow Hibees.