Rangers came away with a 3-2 win tonight from Easter Road tonight, and Brother Dallas done his bit as usual.

He sent Gary Smith off for kicking the ball at some hun who was on the deck - I don't know, or care who it was, and that was a second yellow. Any Hibs fan will tell you that Smith couldn't kick straight if his life depended on it couldn't hit a coos erse with a banjo! OPnly kidding folks, but if that WAS intentional, I'm Brad Pitts body double..........................................and that ain't happenin'.

We took the lead when Ian Murray swept a fantastic shot high into the net after just 5 minutes, and we were looking good. Unfortunately Rangers came back into it, and got an equaliser when Derek Townsley turned a Gers cross into his own net - idiot! The visitors took the lead when Cannigia sprung a poor offside trap and chipped the ball over Colgan, and later Orman had to go off when it looked like he started to take a fit on the pitch. Rangers fans started to sing when he was getting treatment, and we booed. The only thing I can say to these Gers fans is that you are scum. I think I'll say that again. SCUM.

We were the dominant side in the second half, with big Mixu being the chief tormentor. He was in about the Rangers defence, and they couldn't handle him. Good on you big man! In 72 minutes we got the equaliser we deserved, when Garry O'Connor took advantage of a mistake in the away defence, stroked the ball to his left foot, and blasted the ball past Klos.

Unfortunately, those jammy tossers from the west took the lead again when Lovenkrands latched onto a through ball and slotted it past Colgan. It was all the wee nyaff had done all game, but I suppose that's what they pay him for. I look forward to him moving to a real league soon.

Villavge idiot Dallas sent Smith off with 3 minutes remaining, just to ensure his beloved Rangers went through, and it ended 2-3. We lost but we were the better side. Hibs ARE back, and you better watch out.